Welcome to the Parish of St James and St Paul Colchester

The church remains open for Mass.

Welcome to the Parish of St James and St Paul Colchester
  • Sunday- Mass at 8 & 10a.m
  • Sunday 10a.m are both also streamed via Facebook.
  • Wednesday- Mass 7p.m
  • Thursday- Mass12:30p.m
  • Friday- Rosary Prayers at Noon
  • The church is always open an hour before each Mass.
  • School Assembly is broadcast from church via Zoom 1st and 3rd week of the month.
  • Residential Care Home Worship is broadcast from Church via Zoom 1st and 3rd week of the month

Response from the Bishop of London to new Covid-19 restrictions

04/01/2021 Following Monday’s statement by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, detailing new restrictions in England to control the spread of Covid-19, The Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally, who chairs the Church of England’s Covid Recovery Group, said: 

“The Prime Minister’s words tonight underline the severity of the situation for the country, as the virus continues to spread rapidly. At a time like this, the Church is here to offer comfort and spiritual support to everyone. We have a duty to care for each other, but particularly those who are vulnerable or who may be most at risk.

“The Government has chosen not to suspend public worship in England at this time and we will continue to follow the guidance and ensure that churches remain as safe as possible. The Government guidance on the safe use of places of worship makes clear that those attending a place of worship must not mingle with anyone outside their household or support bubble.

“However, some may feel that it is currently better not to attend in person, and there will be parishes which decide to offer only digital services for the time-being. Clergy who have concerns, and others who are shielding, should take particular care and stay at home.

“I would urge everyone in our churches to pray for those on the front line in our public services – the NHS and those working in social care, for schools and many others on whom we depend; and for parents and carers of children at this anxious and stressful time.

“There is hope. The vaccination programme is underway and, as Christians, we have a deeper hope in God that comforts us beyond fear itself. As we have been remembering this Christmas Season, even in the midst of our darkest fears, that hope brings light.”

St. James the Great Church, East Hill remains OPEN. 

Wednesday – Mass 7p.m OPEN

Thursday- Mass 12:30p.m   OPEN

Friday- Rosary Prayers at Noon OPEN

Sunday- Mass at 8 & 10a.m – OPEN and broadcast live to the public

The Cell of Our Lady of Walsingham meets for the Mass at 10.00a.m. the first Saturday of every month.

The Parish Mass at 10.00a.m. on Sundays is livestreamed via Facebook.


We are committed to Safeguarding Children and Young People, and Vulnerable Adults.

The PCC has adopted the Church of England’s policies and best practice on safeguarding which may be found on the Church of England’s website.


Our Parish Safeguarding Officer is Mrs Clare Moles whose details may be found on the church notice board or who can be contacted via email at clarereklaw@hotmail.com.

We are an Anglo-Catholic (Church of England) parish in the diocese of Chelmsford, located in the historic Roman town of Colchester in the County of Essex in England.  The Parish is served by the Church of St James the Great and we offer you a very warm welcome.

St. James the Great Church remains open to the Public for Worship. 

8.00 Mass

10.00 am Parish Mass.

The following documents shape the measures that are in place at St.James the Great.


COVID 19 Permitted Activities v3.1 8th January

Opening cathedral and church buildings advice v.1_0

Coronavirus Advice on the Administration of Holy Communion v3.0 (1)

COVID 19 Parish Risk Assessment Template – indoors v7.0 January 2021

  • Follow the yellow coloured ‘Pilgrim’ signs’.
  • Keep two-meter social distancing if/when queuing to get into Church.
  • Wait for the sidesperson/welcomer to invite you in at the South Door.
  • Apply anti-bac to your hands at the cleaning station in Church.
  • Adhere to the one-way system.
  • Keep to the 2 Meter Social distancing in Church.
  • Single-family groups may sit together.
  • Sit in the unrestricted areas.
  • No congregational hymn singing or congregational singing of the Mass setting.
  • Do not congregate for group conversation in Church.
  • Respect the Church as a place of prayer and people that are praying.
  • Livestreaming will continue (where possible).
  • The priest will use gold plated tong for distribution of the Eucharist host to the faithful during mass.
  • Communion should be administered in one kind only with no sharing of the common cup.
  • The Priest Celebrant can can speak the words of the Eucharistic Prayer over the bread and wine that he alone will consume.
  • The Eucharist Host that will be consumed by other communicants must remain covered until being distributed (e.g. wafers in a ciborium with the lid on)
  • We estimate that we cannot have more than 50 people in the building at any one time. If the church risks becoming too full to worship in a Covid-safe way, you may be asked to come back for Mass at on Wednesday or Thursday. You are strongly advised to arrive EARLY for Mass.
  • Government advice does not require the weA record of who attends each liturgy will be kept in accordance with government advice for the purposes of tracing outbreaks of the virus. This information will only be shared with appropriate health authorities if needed and will be destroyed after 21 days.
  • Wearing of a face covering or mask during worship, is not compulsory but people may wear one if they wish.
  • Communion will be in one kind (i.e. only offered in the form of the Eucharistic bread and not the chalice). You are asked to queue for communion keeping a distance of at least 2 metres from the next person.
  • There will be no refreshments at the end of Mass.
  • You are asked not to congregate at the back of the church at the end of Mass. Preserve social distancing. Make way to the Churchyard for a time of fellowship in the open air after Mass. Keeping 2-meter distancing.

Please do keep in touch by using our Facebook Site


  • Fr James McCluskey

Contact officestjamescolchester@btinternet.com
phone 01206 860419 – 07739404082

phone  01206 386766

May Our Lady pray for us and our Patron Saint defend us, may St Michael fight the principalities and dark forces of this world for us.  Ephesians 6:12

In the Cross of Christ

Fr. James McCluskey

Church of St. James the Great

50B Priory Street,



Our church has a rich history, committed to worshipping God in the beauty of holiness and serving the people in the local community with prayer, care and commitment.

Fr James McCluskey is the parish priest.

Father Richard Costin is a retired associate priest with ‘Permission to Officiate’.

Please see Contact and More for more details