As the Morning and Evening Prayers are the spiritual backbone of our clergy, Sunday Worships, especially Sunday Parish Mass (also known as the Holy Communion or Eucharist) at 10 am is the heart of our parish worship and one of the key elements for all our parishioners.

Mass at 8 am is a simple Said Mass, (usually) without sermon. No great music or singing, but people quietly and reverently read the scriptures and pray during the Mass. No incense is used.

But at 10 am, at the Sung Mass, usually we have different liturgical settings. We sing hymns and Gospel acclamation, and we do every thing in full swing. Incense is used and refreshments are served after Mass.

Please, note that…

a) during the Holy Communion, if you are confirmed or a full, baptised member of another Christian Church, you are welcome to receive the Blessed Sacrament.

b) and our Bishops are still not allowing the host to be dipped into the chalice,
so, if you prefer not to receive from the chalice, only receive in one kind.

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