Monthly Letter

Letter from Canon Alan Cross S.S.C.
Dear Brothers and Sisters
What a special day the 29th June is this month as we celebrate with joy the feast day of Ss Peter and Paul – the two great princes of the church. If you have been to St. Peter’s Square in Rome you cannot have failed to have seen the large statues of the Saints.
Peter the Rock on which Jesus built His Church and Paul (one of our parish patrons) who wrote letters in the New Testament and who travelled on many early missionary journeys. Yes, for Christians an inspiring day to celebrate.
However we have a special and inspiring day to look forward to next month in our parish and Christian community when we welcome Father James McCluskey, his wife and family amongst us here at St. James and St. Paul as our new parish priest.
God has sent him to our parish to be our leader and to guide and help us on the next part of our pilgrimage, towards heaven.
Archbishop, Michael Ramsey in his classic book “The Life of a Priest” writes this:-
‘Man of theology, man of reconciliation, man of prayer, man of the Eucharist; displaying, enabling, involving the life of the church – such is the ordained priest.’
Please pray for him and support his new work amongst us as a priest and shepherd.
May Our Lady, St. James, St Paul and St. Peter give us strength and pray for us all as we start on our new spiritual journey with Father James.
To you Father, your wife and family we welcome you all to your new home and work in our parish
With my prayers and good wishes
Father Alan