Monthly Letter

Letter from Canon Alan Cross S.S.C. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Not too long ago we were preparing, during the season of Advent to meet and greet Jesus at Christmas.
In February we start the period of preparation during the season of Lent which starts on Ash Wednesday. We prepare ourselves to see Jesus in his victory on the cross and above all in his glorious resurrection.
Some Christians think Lent is all about doom and gloom. How wrong they are.
This great season of Lent is all about hope and renewal. Someone once wrote:
‘Lent is a lived out reminder that the cross of Calvary is the advertisement of God’s love for us. In this situation, the advertiser pays the price of our everlasting life and the cross vouches for the fact that one’s life is worth so much to God that he died for each one of us.’
When I was at theological college I remember going to an art gallery (to get out of the rain) all the paintings were beautiful and interesting until I came across a particular one that had been damaged. Sometime later (when it had stopped raining) I went back to the art gallery to look for the damaged painting and when I found it I could not believe my eyes because it had been restored and had a new frame. It was back to its original glory and splendour.
Owing to sin we can be damaged but as Jesus loves us so much he can renew and restore us more into his likeness. No doom or gloom there – go into Lent and go for it and be changed from glory into glory.
However, my dear brothers and sisters as we try to do this during Lent please don’t forget to prepare ourselves to meet and greet Fr. James, our new priest and his family as they come to us later in the year. Please pray for them daily, as well as for our Churchwardens and PCC and all who have helped to keep our parish and congregation working for God in the local community.
Have a Holy and busy Lent; may God Bless us all as we await our new priest and shepherd.

With love and prayers,

Father Alan