Harvest – 27 September


Our Festival of Harvest Thanksgiving will be held on Sunday 27th September.

The 10.00am Mass will give thanks to God for all that he offers to us, and members of St James’ School community will join us to help lead our worship.

At the Altar this year we will, once again, ask for gifts to support our work with the homeless of Colchester and the Soup Run. Gifts of tea, coffee, sugar, biscuits are always welcome but especially welcome would be tins or jar of things that could be used to make sandwiches for the nights when we go out. Tins of corned beef, spam, ham, tuna etc. are always in demand. Gifts of cash are always appreciated as these then go to help with costs of some equipment which may need replacing and help towards the cost of something hot to eat.

A Harvest lunch will be served after the 10-00am Mass, please look out for more details and get your tickets early to avoid being disappointed.