Fr. Taemin’s farewell message to all

Father Taemin

Dear my brothers and sisters in Christ,

My last Sunday, which was 10th of August, was wonderful. I baptised Harrison, which is my duty and joy, and at the end of Mass, I was swamped by so many wonderful gifts from all of you! Yet, the most important and memorable gift is, your love. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers over the last three years. I will not just hold it in my heart, but share it with the new people, whom I am going to minister in Freezywater, Enfield.

My licensing date is Monday 1st September and I know that it is when the St. James’ Parish Mission Week begins. What a fantastic Mission that you are doing! You (together with Fr. Peter) have trained a new priest well, helped him to be well equipped and sent him to his new parish. I believe this is not only just wonderful but also an effective mission and God will continually bless all of you for this special ministry. Courage my friend! Surely, having a curate in your parish is not just having another priest, who can share your rector’s duties. It is more than that! And I am certain the next curate will also receive same love and support from all of you as I received.

Once again, thank you for your love and support for me and for my family, and I will remember you on my prayers.

The Parish of St. James and St. Paul Colchester will be remembered in my thoughts as a place, where my son was born, baptised and grown, and most of all, where I learnt the virtue of the sacred priesthood.
May God richly bless you all.

11th August 2014 Fr. Taemin Oh together with Helene and Stephen.