Harvest Thanksgiving

Harvest Sunday is next Sunday, 30th September, where our school community will be helping to lead worship. Please take and deliver some of the invitations to the recently Baptised if you can, as this saves on postage and the personal contact is always good.
Please buy your ticket (from Barbara Tuffin) today for the Harvest Brunch after Mass next Sunday.


Mass and Confirmation

[Mass and Confirmation]
Bishop Norman will be with us on Friday 28th September 2012 at 7-30pm to preside at Mass and administer the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. Please, come to support those being confirmed and to welcome our visitors from neighbouring parishes who are also under Bishop Norman’s care. As we are this year’s hosts, please speak with Barbara Tuffin about helping with refreshments.

Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Sir Albert Edward Sloman


A service of thanksgiving for the life of Sir Albert Edward Sloman will take place
on Friday 7th September at 4pm in St. James the Great.

Sir Albert Sloman was the first Vice-Chancellor of the University of Essex, one of the seven founded in the 1960s and given (by Michael Beloff) the label “Plateglass Universities”.

Professor Anthony King will deliver his address on ‘Sir Albert’s contribution to the University’, and Professor Jules Pretty, the deputy Vice-Chancellor will give us ‘Three short excerpts from the Reith Lectures’.

Also, the Right Reverend Thomas McMahon, the Catholic Bishop of Brentwood, who is a close friend of the family will give us ‘Spiritual Reflection’.

Please, click to read an article on Telegraph about the life of Sir Albert Sloman.